Corefitness1on1 - FAQ
Corefitness1on1 - Private Personal Training Exclusively for Women

1. Why should I choose a private trainer vs. joining my local gym and working with one of their trainers?

There are several reasons. A private trainer:

~ Watches your form constantly. 
~ Makes you accountable.
~ Designs specific exercises for ailments.
~ Pushes you beyond your self-sabotaging limits.

2. I'm worried about hurting my lower back.

This is a valid concern. The answer is finding the balance between strengthening the lower back muscles vs. overworking them. As a highly certified, private, 1on1 trainer with years of experience, I help you find that balance with exercises designed specifically for your needs.

3. How can I reduce my midriff?

Here's the truth: Spot exercises don't work. Reducing the midriff requires cardio work and attention to the foods you are eating. As your private trainer, I'm qualified to review and suggest both effective cardio workouts and improved eating plans. Just as important, I'm here to encourage you!

4. I don't want to look like a bodybuilder!

Relax. It won't happen. Muscle is muscle. You can either lose it or build it up. Muscle growth happens very slowly. Building defined, toned, sexy muscles is a process involving a decrease in body fat and an increase in exercises custom-designed for you.

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