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"Katrina is very supportive. She answers any questions I have. Sometimes I find stuff on the internet and I take these things to her and ask, “Would this work for me?” or “Should I try this?” Katrina is very informed. Because she knows me and my body type, she can always respond. If she doesn’t think something would work for me, then she always gives me an alternative. I trust Katrina."
D. - Current Client

“Katrina's Free Fitness Analysis is an essential part of how she develops customized training for every client, however, the customization never really stops. She watches your form like a hawk and makes modifications on an ongoing basis. Somehow, Katrina is warm and friendly even when she is pushing you. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
J. - Current Client

"When I hired Katrina in September 2016.  Katrina gave me the results I needed. She is a highly motivated individual who strives for you to be your best. She is always dedicated to achieving optimal results and not settling for excuses. I wasn't training during my first pregnancy and gained 48 pounds. During my second pregnancy, I trained with Katrina and only gained 24 pounds. Katrina adjusted my training accordingly, but if I came in and said, "I feel weak today", she would reply, "No excuses." I loved that she didn't cut me any slack."
S. - Current Client

"I'm a busy stay-at-home mom and business owner. I needed a trainer who could work with my schedule and Katrina does. I love the 1on1 relationship. Katrina pushes me to keep doing better and reviews my diet with me. I also love how she frequently reminds me that my workout is for me and is necessary not only for my physical state but also for my mental state. Katrina's training program is a great stress reliever. The cost of Katrina's training is the best money I've ever spent. It's worth it for anyone who wants to build a healthier life for themselves."
R. - Current Client

"I've been with Karina for over five years. I will not give her up! She's been my rock. She's helped me through a lot of things good and bad. She's a wonderful support person. Her home is immaculate; her workout area is amazing! She keeps adding products as needs change for her clients.  She's flexible if I have schedule conflicts. If I come in and tell her, "I'm not feeling well. Can we do something different than what you have planned?", then she adjusts my workout. She's there and she listens to her clients and tries to meet their needs  specifically." 
L. - Current Client
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