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February 2017

Do You Remember Your Resolutions?

Did any of your resolutions look like these?

How's it going now?

Sometimes, if we start with goals that are too broad, discouragement and a loss of determination follow. 

However, Corefitness 1on1 can help you regain some focus and energy.

It starts with my Free Fitness Analysis. Then you get an individualized training program designed for your specific needs and goals. 

Next, we'll choose days and times that work for you. In my home gym, you can always come as you are! Messy hair and no make-up are perfectly fine.

Most important, you get an hour of my personal training expertise focused on you and only you.

Let's tweak those goals together and get you back on the right track!

Ready? Click here to fill out a contact form or call me at this number: 386-793-1101

For more information about me, click here

Please remember:

Your current physical condition does not define you or control you!

Be A Warrior, Not A Worrier!

Being a warrior is not about your age, size or shape. Being a warrior is about spirit, grit and determination.

Don't believe me?

This picture of one of my clients proves the point! Wait a minute...did I say "clients"? I meant to say "Warriors"!


Your current physical condition does not define you or control you!

Corefitness 1on1 can help you become a warrior!

~ Private Fitness Training Exclusively for Women
~ Come as you are
~ Messy hair & no make-up encouraged
~ Choose your favorite music
~ Exercises designed specifically for your goals and needs
~ It's all about you
~ An hour of focused attention
~ Free fitness analysis

Or Call: 386-793-1101

I am the only provider of women-only fitness training in the Oviedo area. 

Why are you hesitating to become a warrior?

3 Reasons to Shape Your Chest

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

Don't be afraid!
Shaping your chest will not make you look like a bodybuilder!

However, shaping your chest muscles provides these advantages:

1. Chest workouts also shape the shoulders and triceps.
2. Training the chest promotes a strength-balanced body. 
3. Strengthening your pectoral muscles helps you preform other upper     body exercises.

What's your biggest concern about shaping your chest?

Do you know where personal fitness really begins?

 You have the WILL, 
Corefitness 1on1 Private Training 
has the WAY!!!

Corefitness 1on1 is all about helping women get stronger inside and out.

~ Free Fitness Analysis
~ Workouts customized for you
~ Private sessions
~ Undivided attention
~ No gym membership
~ Come as you are
~ Documented progress
~ Your favorite music
~ Push beyond your limits

Corefitness 1on1 believes:

Your current physical condition 
does not define you or control you!

Live Long and Strong!

3 Reasons to Shape Your Hamstrings

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

Did you know your hamstrings start at the buttocks and go to the knees? They are more important than you may realize.  Here are some reasons why it makes sense to keep your hamstrings strong and flexible.

1. Strong hamstrings help maintain good posture.

2. Strengthening the hamstrings prevents leg injures during sports and cardio.

3. With strong and flexible hamstrings you can preform better at multiple physical activities; running, jumping sprinting etc.

Are your hamstrings flexible or tight?

Are you looking for a female trainer who will motivate and inspire you?

Your current physical condition does not define you or control you!

This is what you get with Corefitness 1on1:

Private = 1on1 training. It's just you and me!

Private = How you look and dress doesn't matter.

Private = My constant attention is on you only.

Private = Exercises designed specifically for your needs.

Private = Your choice of music.

Private = I push you past your self-sabotaging limits.

Private = Motivating consultations.

Private = Your success is my success.

Have your New Year's resolutions slowed down? 
Oviedo's highly qualified personal trainer 
for women only will help you get back on track. Contact

When you get stronger physically, you also 
get stronger in other areas of your life. 
Click About to find out more.

Call: (386) 793-1101

What's holding you back?!

3 Reasons to Shape Your Back

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

Sure, it's important to shape the muscles you see in the mirror, but it's just as important to shape the ones you can't see! I'm talking about your back. You want to look good walking away, right?!

1. Training the back muscles promotes better posture and a healthier spine.

2. Shaping the back creates that desirable V-shape: broad shoulders that taper into a narrow waist. 

3. Strong back muscles help prevent rounded shoulders and neck and shoulder pain.

How do you feel about your current back view?

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