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Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

3 Reasons to Shape Your Chest

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

Don't be afraid!
Shaping your chest will not make you look like a bodybuilder!

However, shaping your chest muscles provides these advantages:

1. Chest workouts also shape the shoulders and triceps.
2. Training the chest promotes a strength-balanced body. 
3. Strengthening your pectoral muscles helps you preform other upper     body exercises.

What's your biggest concern about shaping your chest?

3 Reasons to Shape Your Hamstrings

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

Did you know your hamstrings start at the buttocks and go to the knees? They are more important than you may realize.  Here are some reasons why it makes sense to keep your hamstrings strong and flexible.

1. Strong hamstrings help maintain good posture.

2. Strengthening the hamstrings prevents leg injures during sports and cardio.

3. With strong and flexible hamstrings you can preform better at multiple physical activities; running, jumping sprinting etc.

Are your hamstrings flexible or tight?

3 Reasons to Shape Your Back

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!

Sure, it's important to shape the muscles you see in the mirror, but it's just as important to shape the ones you can't see! I'm talking about your back. You want to look good walking away, right?!

1. Training the back muscles promotes better posture and a healthier spine.

2. Shaping the back creates that desirable V-shape: broad shoulders that taper into a narrow waist. 

3. Strong back muscles help prevent rounded shoulders and neck and shoulder pain.

How do you feel about your current back view?

3 Reasons to Shape Your Triceps

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!
You can have a beautifully strong tricep and still have that sexy slim arm when the tricep is not flexed.

(Photo is an actual client)

1. Shaping the tricep means enjoying sleeveless shirts.

2. Strengthening the tricep keeps you ready for every pushing action. For example: pushing away from the dining room table!-lol

3. Strong triceps assist chest and shoulder exercises.

What triceps exercise is your favorite?

3 Reasons to Shape Your Biceps

Pulling. Pushing. Lifting. Carrying.

In one day, you flex your biceps more times than you can count.

That’s why they need to be as strong as possible.

1. Working out the biceps makes the above actions easier.
2. Shaping keeps biceps toned, tighter and more defined.
3. Strengthening biceps also works shoulders and back.

*Personal training exclusively for women.

*Private sessions

*Free Fitness Analysis

What is your favorite biceps exercise? Share with us below.


3 Reasons To Shape Your Glutes

Let’s be real. Toned glutes look good. That’s why most people train them. However, there’s more to toned glutes than appearance.

1. Training keeps that youthful curve (pop) from your lower back to your hamstring.

2. Training helps with mobility - standing, sitting, exercising and performing physical sports.

3. Let's be honest - young, old, man or woman - we all love and want a nice backside!

2 Reasons to Shape Your Calves

The calf muscles do more than accent high heels or help you look good walking on the beach!

Training your calves:

1. Strong calves help you in     any kind of cardio workout.

                                                  2. Strong calves help propel     the body forward when             running.

3 Reasons To Shape Your Shoulders

Strong Shoulders Can Carry The Weight Of Your World

Training Your Shoulders:

1. Strengthens your body for a statuesque posture.

2. Develops strong upper body.

3. Contours your body for an "hourglass" figure.

3 Reasons To Shape Your Quads

Quads are one of the largest muscles in  your body.

1. Training your quads burns more calories as you are working them out and more calories as they repair.

2. Training your quads really shapes your legs.

3. An experienced professional will make sure you're protecting your back and knees during training with correct equipment, proper range of motion and safe techniques.

3 Reasons to Shape Your Abs

Drumroll, please. Here are the top 3 reasons to shape your abs:

1. Strong abs protect your back.

2. Strong abs promote good posture.

3. Strong abs define the waistline.

Get addicted to strengthening your abs!

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