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Success Stories

A Choice to Make

Welcome to my new blog category: Success Stories.

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting blogs featuring my clients' success stories. Let me say now that in order to protect privacy, all clients will be referred to as Client 1, Client 2, etc. 

Let's begin...

Client 1 is 57 years old, 5'00", 108 pounds. She's been working out with me since January 2017. The results of her Corefitness1on1 Free Fitness Analysis indicated excellent overall strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. Her goals were to tone up, get stronger and to loose the menopausal mid-section.

Clients usually share some personal background too during their Free Fitness Analysis. From August 2016 through December 2016, Client 1 went through three deaths: her mother, a good friend and her brother-in-law. When she came to me in January 2017, she was pretty stressed.

Despite her grief, Client 1 always arrived at my gym with a good attitude and a willingness to workout hard. However, one day, as soon as she walked in the door, I knew something was different. She was near tears and trying hard to hide it.
I knew something had to happen differently with her training that day.

You see, not only did I need to affect and change her body, I also wanted to affect and change her emotions.

I said, "Well, today's workout is perfect for you. This will be a timed workout so we will not be counting reps. It's the kind of training session where you can focus entirely on your problems and think them through or focus on your body and feel strong again. Your choice. Are you ready?"

We got to it. Guess what? Client 1 not only said she felt better, but you could see on her face and in her demeanor that it was true. There's nothing like getting your "mojo" back after life gets a little overwhelming!

The takeaway? Fitness is as much about the mental as the physical.

I understand this and am always prepared to motivate my clients to use their workouts to push past the stresses in their lives. Train with a trainer that cares about YOU!
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